5 Email Marketing Tips That Work Better

By on 01/04/2014

5 Email Marketing Tips

Here are the 5 Email Marketing Tips, The percentage of permission-based messages that are trashed by email service providers is very high, and spam filters get smarter by the minute. So beyond offering awesome content, what can you do to give your messages the best shot of getting through?

Building trust before pitching.

Remember, the good results of any email marketing program depends on genuinely engaging content. You want your readers to dig through spam filters, complain to their email providers, and do anything they can to make sure they’re getting your content.

The majority email newsletters are pitch-fests, which makes them no fun to read. You make sure yours is nicely loaded with cookie content, so readers become trained to open everything you send.

If you don’t build this trust and authority with great content, the rest of the techniques won’t work the way you wish for. But there are a few practical things you can do to give your messages the best possible fighting chance. Email Marketers Profiting From the Inbox.

#1. Start every newsletter with a great  auto-responder.

The auto responder feature of your email provider allows you to create defined sequences to send to your readers. The millionth subscriber has the same experience that the first did. This means that no matter how busy you get or what disasters you might be coping with this week, your new email subscribers are always well be taken care of.

A great auto-responder builds a strong foundation for your relationship with your new subscriber. The old cliché is true: you never get a second chance to make a first impression. The warm, friendly feelings you’ll establish with your first 10 or 15 messages will carry over throughout your relationship. Successful email marketing is here to stay

#2. Use a single warm, personal message early on.

This is a trick I learned from Jeff Walker, and it creates a really nice rapport with your list. Beginning in your auto-responder sequence, I usually put it at message two, include a cheerful, warm, individual-sounding message. Something casual, like, Hey, really good to see you here, hope you enjoy the content.

You’re not trying to fool anyone that this was an individually typed message for that recipient, but you are trying to create the same feeling of personal relationship. Invite questions, comments, and feedback at this point, and let them know that you’d love to hear from them. I typically create this message as text only, rather than HTML. This is also a good spot to use approach #3. The effectiveness of a persuasive email marketing campaigns

#3. Ask them to white list you

No matter how great your email provider is, some messages end up in spam filters. The best safeguard against that is to encourage your readers to add you to their list of safe senders, contacts, or their “white list.” And the best way to do that is simply to ask them.

I send a plain text message in one of my sequences right before a message with a few red flags in the content. The message has the audacity to talk about making money online. I know it shocking.

The message clarifies that the next email in the sequence is a little more likely to get caught in a spam filter, so this would be a great time to add me to their safe senders list. Many readers immediately white list me, which is great. Others don’t, then the message is caught in a filter the next day and they see that adding me to their authorised senders list would be a great idea.

Obviously, it’s clever to get yourself onto the white list as soon as you can, so you’ll want to bring the subject up early on. But if you do have a message you can’t fairly lower the spam score on, this technique can give you a good reason to ask a second time. Modern rhetoric and a winning email marketing campaign

#4. Conversations have two sides

Try to make sure you’ve got a actual human being monitoring any replies to your email marketing program, and that that person is giving careful, personal replies to each message they get. It’s also good to use an individual person’s name in the “From” field, instead than the name of a company. Whatever you can do to capitalise on the intimate nature of email just makes sense.

When I started off adding the words, “Just click reply to ask me a question, your message will come instantly to my personal in-box,” I noticed that more people felt comfortable doing that. And not only do questions and feedback build nice rapport, they’re also a fantastic window into what your customers want and need. Here is the best WordPress plugin to build your list.

#5. Paying attention to spam triggers, but don’t obsess

Majority of good email providers will let you know if your content has certain hot buttons that are likely to be flagged as spam. Some of them are obvious, like pharmaceutical brand names and things like that.

Others are annoying, because they tend to be the words and phrases that have the most selling power. For example, links that say click here can make your content look a little spumier to the filters, specifically because savvy internet marketers know that explicit calls to click here get much better results. Lear more email marketing tips and techniques

This is one best reason to put a long sales message onto a landing page, instead of an individual email message. The last thing you want to do is to use less persuasive language just to keep a spam filter happy. Remember that you’re writing for people, not filters. When you make your readers happy and deliver the content they need and want, no spam filter can stop you. But, how do you get those readers? The higher engagement the higher conversion rates

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