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Dear Friends and users of marketing expert tube.

My name is Farhad Kamali and I am an internet marketer, web designer and junior multi media producer.

I love what I love marketing and it also my bobbie too.

In 2008 started learning web design but after a year one I developed a couple of websites which i was so proud at the time as those were my first websites ever, unfortunately, those websites took me nowhere.

Guess why!

Its because I didn’t know anything about online marketing and search engine optimisation at all, so as you all may know if you don’t know those things or hire someone to do it for you, you simply don’t need to have those websites.

No matter how great your websites looks if users cant find your websites or blogs on search engine, I don,t think you need to have those sites.

Thats why I developed marketing experts tube to help those guys that facing the same problems as me, don,t know marketing or SEO and looking for someone guide them to find good resources and guidance.

Well, thats exactly what I am trying to do in this site, I do lots of research finding the best marketing experts and and write about them and in some cases I put their videos on my site too so you can decide if they good for you or not.

To find out more about me, here are my social net working profiles:

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