Colour correction in photoshop

By on 22/03/2014

Colour correction in photoshop

Colour correction in photoshop, Photographers often find it challenging to make colour adjustments, this course will eliminate the confusion and help you optimise colour with confidence. It starts with exploring the various adjustment options that relate to colour in photos, and covers advanced techniques for fine-tuning colour or adding a creative touch. Watch more photoshop courses at…

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This tutorial will introduce a technique for achieving a perfectly neutral gray value in a particular area of a photo. This photoshop training video is a single movie from 250 Photoshop course which is provided by The complete course is about 2.5 hours long and shows how to optimise the colour in your photographs.

Colour correction in photoshop include:

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Colour correction in photoshopIf you’re like many photography lovers, you’ve probably fought every now and then with shade improvements for your images. At times, you may have even experienced that you just don’t have a good eye for shade. This course will deal with those issues and more, to help enhance your skills and assurance in implementing precise shade improvements.

I’ll start by introducing some of the primary ideas related to your system settings and shade in common, such as some great methods for analysing along with in your images. Next, we’ll take a look at some of the primary techniques for shade improvements, such as developing precise shade in a RAW transformation.

Using automated improvements, using the amazing vibrance modification, implementing a colour shade or eliminating a colour throw and more. We’ll then jump in into targeted colour improvements, significance colour improvements that impact a particular area of a picture.

You’ll see how to move along with balance for a particular range of shades, how to overall reduce problem shades, how to create fairly neutral emphasise and darkness principles, how to enhance shade in skin colour and much much more. By the end of this course you’ll have the knowledge and assurance you need to apply precise and effective shade improvements to your images. Let’s get started.




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