Hackers exploiting Android with a master key in wild

By on 12/04/2014

Hackers exploiting Android with a master key in wild

lhow-Hackers-exploiting-AndroidAt the beginning of July we reported that security research company BlueBox had discovered a ‘master key’ that would enable cyber criminals to gain unlimited access to any Android device.

BlueBox had prepared to release more details on this vulnerability at the Black Hat hacker conference next month, but it seems that the cyber criminals have defeated them to it and are already exploiting the key in the wild.

The bug allows an attacker to install codes on any phone that runs on Google’s mobile operating system and then take control of the handset.  Watch the video to learn more…

Investigators from Symantec say that they’ve already exposed two infected legitimate apps that are distributed throughout China and advise users that they should only be downloading software through Google’s Play store. Learn how to protect yours…

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