How to Sell Domain Names, 20 Ways to Do Better

By on 13/01/2013

In this article I will give you some rapid fired do’s and don’ts that will change how you make more sales for more money and KNOW when you have reached THEIR top Pounds or Dollars. Nothing worse than a guy having a £200,000 budget for a domain that you end up selling to them for £200. Do you want to avoid that?? Pay close attention.

  1. DO NOT set a price straight away
  2. Don’t answer questions straight away
  3. Try Ask Questions
  4. Try Ask more questions
  5. Try Answering the questions they pose with a question
  6. Try Buying time
  7. Don’t commit right away, think about it first
  8. Make sure do the research.
  9. Try not to be lazy
  10. 1Know the difference between a domain name that has value that others want and dog shit that only one person in 6 billion thinks is valuable. That is why TYPE INS are the key. I don’t really care if the get 99 a day or 99 a day or 99,000. Just stay away from ZERO because when you double ZERO you got ZERO.
  11. Try Being vague
  12. Try not to commit
  13. Make Sure Keep it ALL in writing
  14. Do not show your weakness
  15. Do Not flip out when you don’t hear back from them for a few days or weeks or even months.
  16. NEVER, EVER, contact them back before they contact you back. That is your WEAKNESS and that email or phone call most probably will cost you dearly as they FEEL your weakness.
  17. Don’t “Pitch” the domain name. If they contacted you, they already know why so bare that in mind.
  18. Look at it as a game. Nothing more, nothing less. Those guys that are busy getting pissed never win the game because they are too busy being pissed.
  19. Anything goes in a negotiation so don’t take anything seriously until it is all over and the buyer and seller can have a cup off coffee. Then you can each tell the other how full of shit you were during the back and forth and have a GREAT laugh! That’s what you get when both parties walk away happy and as winners.
  20. Pay attention to this, Deals are about formulas. Just because the first ones does not work does not mean you give up. By asking questions you find out what is important to them and you can work with that. So be creative and imaginative. Keep coming up with ideas until you find a fit.

No one post will make you a salesman. It takes time and practice and more than that, replaying where you went wrong when you don’t make a sale. Many books have been written on selling. Many are great and will change your life because you look at things differently.

Some sales are very easy because there isn’t  bullshit. A conversation of what each party wants can do wonders. But you have to be dealing with more savvy folks that know what they want and a realistic outlook.




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