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Great news! has increased again their free trial period from 10-day to 30-day free trial.

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How does Lynda free trial work?

If you’ve never had a membership with you’ll get 10 days of free unlimited access to their entire online library. The free triallibrary consists of almost 5,000 courses and 100,000 video tutorials. When you sign up they’ll ask for your billing information, but they won’t bill you unless you continue with a paid membership after your 10-day free trial.

Remember, as soon as you sign up you get an instant access to entire library so you don’t need to wait for someone to approve your membership and send you an email to let you know if your payment went through or not.

The three benefits of signing up for annual membership:

  • Downloadable exercise files
  • Offline viewing
  • Save $72

Downloadable exercise files let you work along with the instructors.

Offline viewing allows you to download the courses and watch it offline so you don’t need to have access to the internet to watch courses. Yep, I know it’s amazing!

How to get 90-day free membership

Did you know offers 90 days free access when you choose their annual membership which can save you $72 per year?  I think this is an amazing deal and this is the one I went for.

What is

If you have not heard about, it is a portal to online learning with over 6,000 courses to choose from. What they offer are various levels of subscriptions with unlimited access to all courses. Best of all they offer a trial for no cost. Courses are created by experts in their field who pass the Lynda “stress test” in terms of presentation and content. To date, there are courses in

Plus much more… free trial allows their members to try everything with no obligation.

Founder of describe Lynda as a win-win-win, and this is certainly true. The Lynda free trial, as well as the excellent content that is a score for the consumer, and of course, the teachers get to talk about what they love, and Lynda gets to offer consumers a free trial for something that will undoubtedly enhance their life. With the Lynda free trial learners can test out the platform, organize courses into groups and otherwise use the site as any subscribing member would.

There are various levels of individual and business subscriptions so that there is a membership for every need. One of the best values in the annual individual membership which offers a Lynda 60-day free trial. The end result is that the consumer gets 12 months of unlimited access to the price of 10. Further, if one subscribes to the premium annual membership, there is a discount of $50. It is very simple when you click on any of the links on this page, coupon code will be activated which allows you to sign up for 7 days free trial.

There is no need to worry about getting a “refund” later. Premium membership allows learners access to the exercises library so that they can practice and assess how they are doing. This option is very useful for persons who want to list professional development on their resumes. is a terrific resource for online learning. Individuals and businesses alike will find it can help them reach their goals.

Whether you want to refresh your skills or learn something new, you are in the right place, because you are about to get unlimited access to entire online training library.

The best thing is that you don’t pay a penny until you are 100% satisfied with your 7 days trial, and you get access to over 2,400 courses online at no cost whatsoever, and if for any reason  you are not happy with the free courses online provide, you can cancel at any time during the 7 days free trial.

There is four type of subscriptions monthly, monthly premium, yearly and yearly premium. I recommend premium subscription because you get access to exercise files and that means you can follow along with the tutor, but if you want to refresh your skills just sign up for basic monthly or yearly.

The premium subscription is for those who want to learn new skills and for that you need the exercise files to be able to follow along with the tutor, otherwise, it can be more difficult to learn new skills without the exercise files.

Anyway, sign up 7-day free trial, try it, use it all week, learn it, then if you think it’s for you just continue with your free trial and then when your trial ended, your new paid subscription starts.

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