Negotiation Fundamentals course

By on 29/09/2016

Negotiation Fundamentals Tactics

Coach, negotiation expert, Lisa Gates demonstrates the skills empowered communicators use to achieve mutual benefit at the negotiation table. Watch the complete course at…

Watch the entire course on official website at…

The course delivers repeatable techniques for negotiating common issues such as requesting for a raise, setting fees, advancing collaboration, and bringing out the best in those you oversee or manage.

Along the way, you’ll learn how to use interest-based negotiation, distributive bargaining, diagnostic questioning, and conflict resolution to handle both simple and complex negotiations.

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This is a single video from the first chapter of the Negotiation Fundamentals course by Lisa at The complete course is 30 minutes long and demonstrates the skills empowered communicators use to achieve mutual benefit at the negotiation table.

Negotiation Fundamentals course include:

  • Preparing for an effective negotiation
  • Using diagnostic questioning
  • Opening the negotiation
  • Learn to deal with conflict effectively
  • Framing and anchoring the discussion
  • Making concessions and asking for reciprocity
  • Empowering participation

Video transcription –  computer generated

Hello there, I’m Lisa Gates. In this course, we’re going to analyze the major techniques and strategies that will help you pick up certainty and dominance in an expertise that will affect each part of your life and work going ahead. Just characterized, arrangement is a discussion prompting assention. A large number of us go to the transaction table trusting that arrangement is an argumentative procedure, an endeavor to induce our dealing accomplice to accomplish something they would prefer not to do or to persuade them to quit accomplishing something they need to keep doing.

I will demonstrate to you another, better way. A procedure now educated by the top business colleges in the nation. It’s called Interest Based or Mutual Benefit Negotiation. I’ll begin by recognizing the two major techniques, distributive bartering and shared advantage arrangement. We’ll take after that with the center practices of tying down, confining and asking analytic inquiries. We’ll discuss how to explore and get ready, how to assemble the arrangement and set the stage, and to get you pointed toward assention.

The essential objective of this course is to help you perceive the day by day open doors you need to arrange, to tackle each day issues and issues, and to expand your quality to your manager or business. At that point, you’ll build up a repeatable procedure for accomplishing your vocation and life objectives. Along these lines, we should begin.

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