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By on 21/01/2016

10 Day Free Project management visualizations course

Learn how to work with MindManager, one of the best mind-mapping software used for brainstorming, project management visualizations, and strategic and organizational planning. This “Project management visualizations” course explains how to create maps or using the included templates, and then add topics, subtopics, callouts, and other map parts. It then shows how to enhance map elements with hyperlinks, notes, tags, images, dates, and a lot more. Watch the entire courses at…

Watch the entire course on official site

I will also explain how to best format map elements and show them, either by exporting elements into a slideshow or run the presentation right from MindManager. Finally, viewers learn how to review maps and distribute them to others.

If you like to learn more about the MindManager simply sign up for 10 days free trial. its not only the above course you get access to but also the entire library, which consists of over 3000 courses that taught  by the world leading experts in their field. The other good news is that if you wanted to cancel your membership during the 10-day free trial, They wouldn’t charge you a dime for it and you watched the entire course for free. Awesome! Isn’t it?

Project management visualizations course include:

  • How to create and import maps
  • How to Add topics and subtopics
  • You learn how to create and position callouts
  • How to define relationships between topics
  • Discover how to draw boundaries
  • How to enhance topics with hyperlinks and tags
  • How to create map tag indexes
  • Learn how to add images to a map
  • Learn how to format maps
  • How to change map themes
  • How to balance a map
  • How to change map views
  • Manage tasks with MindManager maps
  • Finally, how to review and share maps

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Video Transcription – Computer Generated

Hello, I’m Curt Frye. Welcome to Project management visualizations MindManager 2016 for Windows course. In this course, you learn how to explore and manage your ideas with MindManager. I’ll start by teaching you how to create maps, print, and export your files, and set program options. Next, you will learn how to add topics and subtopics to a map, and add helpful notes to your map. In chapter 4 I will teach you how to format a topic, change your map’s theme, format text within map objects, and balance a map so it is visually appealing and easier to read.

The last three chapters teach you how to change your map’s view, create presentations based on the map’s topics, and assign tasks within a map. All of these methods give the tools you need to develop and explore ideas for use at work, home, or school. Watch the MindManger course at….




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