What is online content marketing – free tutorial

By on 22/03/2014

What is online content marketing?

What is online content marketing? Pictures, words, video and audio – everything you produce to tell the story of your product or company online. It’s not a new idea, but the tools have changed dramatically in the last 10 years.  Watch over 30 more online marketing courses at http://lynda.com/marketing…

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In this online content marketing courses Chapman guides through the why, what, who, and how of content marketing, and reveals how to transition your marketing efforts to the digital landscape.

You’ll learn to define a strategy that’s right for your company, choose the proper platform and tools, how to build a profitable content marketing team, and gain insight from Chapman’s years of knowledge and experience.

This online content marketing course include:

  1. How to define marketing goals and measuring success
  2. How to integrate already established programs
  3. How to get leadership support
  4. How to establish an online footprint, starting with a blog
  5. How to elect editors, community managers, and content creators
  6. How to use an editorial calendar
  7. How to write for the web
  8. And finally understand the importance of images, audio, and video

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Video Transcription – Computer Generated

Hi and welcome to Material Promotion Basic principles. So what is happy marketing? It’s all the images, the terms, the video clips, the sound, it’s everything you create and put on the internet to tell your tale. Content marketing’s been around for decades. It was also the create, stereo, and TV ads that we’ve all seen for decades.

It’s nothing new, the resources have modified though. t’s created it simpler for any organisation of any dimension to perform against the big guys. What we’re going to lay out in this category is everything you need to know about content marketing.

We’re first going to begin referring to the technique. How to determine what’s right for you and your organisation. Then we’re going to be referring to the systems. There’s so many different systems and resources out there, what’s right for you? Then we’re going to talk about the tasks and obligations. What do you have to do? What type of group do you need to put together, to help create this be effective for you? And lastly

I’m going to discuss some of my best methods for content marketing.
Content marketing may be new, it may be terrifying for you, I, I guarantee you, it’s necessary to be effective in modern organisation.And we’re going to lay it all out in this course.




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